“i Podcast della Controinformazione” is a normal WordPress website with audio posts and information pages.

The difference is “behind the shenes”, where some bash scripts essentially does:

  • Save raw web radio audio stream on disk.
  • Convert the track in mp3 format and add tags (title, album, artist and genre) for correct visualization in the media players.
  • Upload the mp3 file to web space.

Using this automation is possible to record many podcasts as you want, from different sources, each with a custom script. The website admin work will only to verify the audio working correctly and then make the post.

  • Operating System: Raspbian (based on Debian 9.1).
  • Audio stream recording: Streamripper.
  • Editing and audio conversion: SoX, avconv.
  • Mp3 tagging: operon.
  • Raspberry Pi 3.


How it works

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